6 things to look for in an Unsecured Business Loan

14 December, 2018

An Unsecured Loan stands for the loan which does not involve deposition of any Collateral for security purpose but only depends upon the creditworthiness of the Borrower. In the absence of Collateral, Businessman can safely sign up for an unsecured Business Loan in case, the credit history of the borrower is built quite impressively. In noteworthy of mentioning, an unsecured loan holds much amount of risk from the lender’s end in comparison to the borrower’s end. Therefore, the terms & conditions in relation to an unsecured loan could be pretty restrictive in nature in some cases. On the contrary, there are varieties of other subjects one must look out for in an unsecured business Loan before final sign up—

Suspenseful Interest Rate or Pricing

Undoubtedly, the pricing plan of Lenders is always quite suspenseful and borrower needs to figure out the methodology all by oneself. In some cases, lenders avoid to disclose the interest rate and only disclose the pricing plan, that too, in a non-understandable way. Also, sometimes the pricing plan of the lender crosses the affordability level of the borrower. In all these situations, the borrower is required to make a right choice—either quit upon the respective lender and look out for another lender with simple pricing plan or open interest rate or ask the lender directly to disclose the interest rate before actual sign up for the unsecured business loan.

Utilize the Digitalized World of Lender

In case of Unsecured Business Loans, Lenders more often take time to inspect the application and the documents along with the financial condition of one’s respective Business. Undoubtedly, the process takes time and hence, one needs to wait for long to hear from the lender. In case, the credit history or financial condition or risk related to one’s business is not subtle as per the lender, the answer would be “No” and the borrower would be back to square one. The best alternative to this is to look out for online lender to get a quick pre-approval like Discovery Credit. Here, one is required to fill out an online form and complete the documentation process. The probability of getting an answer from the lender is minimum 15 minutes.

Customer Service Availability

In the absence of interaction, it becomes difficult for one to cope with the situation of securing Loan. If one has already submitted an application and not getting an answer, the situation will become quite frustrated because the borrower is left with all the waiting and waste of time. Hence, while applying for an unsecured Business Loan, make sure, the lender is a good communicator and grants customer service in order to guide the borrower throughout the process.

Early Repayment Penalties

In an unsecured business loan, the borrower can come out to be quite responsible and maintain the loan in an effective way. However, sometimes turns out that the lender being experienced and spooky with the responsible borrowers charge a penalty for early repayment. Early repayments cause the borrower to handle the expense of maintaining the loan payments before time. More often than not, the condition on the subject of early repayment is added to the “terms & conditions” option and hence, it is significant to go through the conditions.

Involvement of Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are basically the fees that are disclosed on the spot without any information of the borrower. Hidden fees comprise in establishment fee, direct debit fee application fee, conversion fee, late payment fee, early payment fee, LOD (List of Documents) Charges, and so on. All these fees cause the borrower to handle extra expenses in the name of Loan charges. Sometimes, these hidden fee turns out to make a countable different in the Loan plan of the borrower.

Quick Application Process

Some application process of lenders like banking institutions lasts for weeks. These banking institution and lenders progress inspection of Credit history, the risk involved, and other aspects of the unsecured loan. All the way through this process, the borrower remains unwilling to predict either the loan application will get approval or not. Look out for the time period a lender usually announces to take in answer to the loan application. Choose the one that grants quick application process and transparency.

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