Tips to Getting Finance to Start a Business

25 July, 2012

Times are quite hard in terms of economy and starting a business could be a problem. The biggest problem is that the most capable minds at times do not have enough money to invest and they desperately need to get finance. However, you cannot just go to anybody and ask them to lend you some money as there are thousands of young minds having big dreams in their eyes and hoping to get finance. You have to show them that you are ahead of all of them and therefore you deserve to be financed. After all, they too need to be paid back along with the interest. Below are some tips to getting finance to start business.

Write business plans

Start by writing a business plan. It is the most important thing to do as the lenders want to know your thoughts about how the business is going to progress. You have to be very much prepared and extremely patient while showing it to them as they might pass comments on it or ask you questions related to it. The first plan wouldn’t be the last one; you will have to work hard on it.

Be patient

Do not just rush into finding a business angel or an investor etc. The world is much bigger and a lot of more options are available. If the amount you need does not exceed $100,000, then a bank can be of great help. You should also shop around for a variety of loans for business. Visit as many lenders as possible and do not just accept the first policy you see. You need to have complete knowledge of all the policies so that you can pick the best one.

Convince the lenders

Lenders have to be assured that your business ideas are viable and that you will pay them their loan back in time. To be totally convinced, they may ask you for a lot of more information. Giving loan to somebody is like risking money and they need to be sure that the probability of profit is higher. Answer their questions with confidence and do not give up. You might need to try for five to seven times or even more. After all, getting money is not easy and it takes a lot of determination and hard work to achieve something.

The loan processing process can take few months

You also have to be very patient. You can’t expect to get a loan within two three days or a week after making a business plan etc. It may take as long as few months, up to six months too. Your business should be planned according to it.

Be realistic                   

Being unrealistic at any point is not acceptable. You must have all the knowledge of your business. For example, risks are involved in every business and you should also mention some risks as well. No business is 100% secured. You can tell them how you plan to handle these risks. Not mentioning these risks might give an image that you are not well prepared and have not yet considered the possible risks. At the end of the day, all you have to do is to be true, hard working and persistent.

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