How to save money for a holiday

15 February, 2014

Holidays are “family time”, which everyone looks forward to. There is a budget that people have for travel but is it possible to save some hundreds of pounds from it? Nicole Blackmore discusses how to save money on a holiday in The Telegraph.

What Packages Should One Opt For?

Holidays include a lot of elements like airfare, airport transfers, hotels, food and sightseeing etc. A package tour takes care of most of these elements and is the right choice to make making it, the most popular way people travel.

Doing research on the various package deals by the tour operators or travel agents will help getting to the cheapest deal for the destination, one intends to travel to. Furthermore, it can be checked with other agents to see if there is a chance of getting lower than the lowest package that was available in the market.

What Is The Ideal Mode of Payment?

As per research, a credit card is correct payment option for holiday bookings. It provides extra protection, in case the travel company or tour operator runs out of money. It is always advisable to check on the booking fee levied by various credit card companies.

Reading between the Lines

It is always very important to check for the fine print of the package. The terms and conditions are often modulated by the travel company and can work out to their advantage, if not understood properly. There are different ways that the companies deal with cancellations and it is always recommended to check the cancellation policies beforehand.

Travel insurance policies also require a microscopic check as not all of them cover losses in case of the holiday provider runs out of money.

Keeping these simple things in mind, one should go ahead and book a holiday, which involves a lot of personal finance, wisely and the right time to book summer holiday deals is January.

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