Finances you need to know before start business

29 March, 2013

Starting a Business

The idea of having a business seems like it is all glamor to someone who has never had a business. To them it’s all about not answering to anyone above you and having people to do things for you. Although this is partially true, having a business is taking on a huge responsibility. A business has been described to be like a child. A child needs to be taken care of in order to thrive. In the same way, if you want a successful business, you need to nurture it. Going in half-baked will only end up in problems later and a ‘child’ that will end up being a liability.

Financial Aspects that need to be Impeccable

  • Credit- your credit score needs to be at least at 720 for you to be able to venture into business. Credit score is important in helping you gauge whether you can take on the responsibility. If you’re finances are not in order, you won’t be able to handle the finances associated with having a business of your own.
  • Capital- the initial capital or the money pumped into the business should be sufficient to start it up and support it for some time. If the business starts on shaky ground, the health of the business will not be good. As stated, the business needs to be nurtured for some time before it can support itself. Get to know your funding options, such as a start up business loan from a private financier or small business loans in Australia from banks.
  • Accounts- throughout the business the accounts and records need to be up-to-date and thorough. This should be the case especially during the first months of the business. How you treat the records then will be the foundation of how you’ll view records in the future.
  • Knowledge of how to operate the business- knowledge is power; this saying simply explains that you should know what you’re getting into. You need to know the amount needed to start the business, the expenses incurred, the profits gained and possibly the losses that you might get.
  • Having a cushion- these are funds separate from savings or funds for emergencies. These are funds dedicated to the business and its operations till the business is ready to support itself.
  • Possible competition- this needs to be considered especially when choosing the premises or the center of operations. Competition is good for business and then too much is not good and it might cripple the business if it’s not checked.

Experience and the part it plays in Business

When someone frees themselves from the corporate world to start on a business, many think that it is easy to start any kind of business. This is usually not the case as you need to know what the business is all about; the ups and downs experienced, if there’s need for classes to be taken, and if inclusion of others is necessary. If you come to know about this while you’re already in the business, it will become a stressful experience far from what you had imagined.

The resources put in into starting a business should be accounted for in order to know exactly what is going on with your new venture.

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